Consciousness: the human mind, the soul, and the self 

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Even though we all know what consciousness is, we are unable to define it properly so that we can study it scientifically.  The puzzle of consciousness has intrigued scientists and humankind for centuries.  My next book looks at what we know about consciousness and it's various manifestations.

Not only are we aware of our surroundings and what is happening to us, but we are also aware that we are aware.  This is referred to as self-consciousness or reflective-awareness, and is thought to be the basis of our mind and free will.  Scientific experiments suggest however that this is only an illusion and there is really not a little person (or homunculus) inside our heads.  Such a proposition also does not make sense, because one can then ask who is controlling him/her.  The question then is:  why do we think that there is a self?  My thoughts on this are contained in my next book titled  "The Memetic World: the evolution of information and the origin of man and mind".   See also the discussion below on memes.   

Contrary to popular belief, there is no central control, and in fact there is no little man (or self) inside our heads.  See below.  

Blackmore also suggests that the illusion of self has developed to help memes.  I believe her, but why do we propagate this illusion or belief system, and encourage the development of this illusion in our children.  The answer (according to me) is that we want them to acquire and protect our memes.  In this theory we have children to propagate our memes as well as our genes.  My next book looks at the intricate link between consciousness,  self-consciousness,  memes, and human creativity. 

Here is a link to my book "The Memetic World: The origin on man and mind, and the evolution of information"

Here is a link to FB page with an images of the book's blurb and chapter contents of my unpublished uncompleted book.  It may give you some insight into the work that goes on in writing a book, with all the side notes, and text just sitting around, some underlined, etc.