Memes  and the evolution of information

Some of my own ideas

Copyright George Christos 2003

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Recently I have become extremely interested in another system that also evolves, memes.  Memes are things that we imitate off each other, such as how to use a hammer, how to start a fire, a song, a saying, how to read, etc.  If you think about it almost everything that you do, almost everything that you know has been copied off someone else.  These memes behave in the same way as genes do: they get copied from person to person (reproduction in the biological sense); they are subject to some variation as they get copied (mutation in a biological system), and the best or the fittest memes win (selection in a biological system).  Consequently they also evolve, and much of culture, society and even the way that we think and act have resulted from the evolution of memes.  Psychologist Susan Blackmore (author of 'The Meme Machine') has even suggested that memes may explain why humans have such large brains and why language evolved (in a nutshell so that we could spread more memes).  I am currently writing my next book called "The Memetic World: The evolution of information and the origin of man and mind".  This book (which details my thoughts on this fascinating subject, inspired after reading Blackmore's book "The Meme Machine") explains why we are so different to other animals, why we have a mind, why we act the way we do, and why the complex world around us is the way it is.  I could say a lot more here but will save it for my book.