Australian Football League (AFL) finals systems

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My paper "G.A. Christos, “New AFL finals system is unfair”, Australian Mathematical Society Gazette 27(1), 17-23 (2000)." is available here in pdf format. Click here

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The AFL (Australian Football League) had to change the finals system that it used before  2000  (the McIntyre final-8 system) because I pointed out that it was mathematically unfair and uncompetitive.  The problem is that they changed to a system which is even worse than before.  This lead me to write another paper titled "New AFL finals system is unfair", published in the Australian Mathematical Society Gazette.  Eventually, when the AFL decides to adopt a fair system, they will have to use one of my systems.  I have made about 10 media releases on this topic, and to quote form my interview on Today Tonight "I will keep at it until they get it right".  Here are some of them:

"Mathematics Lecturer Joins Call for Changes to the Final Eight System Used by AFL" Curtin University media release 30 September 1999 

"Maths to solve finals flaw" , Curtin Independent, 21 October1999,

"Curtin's Christos disses AFL finals systems", Grok Magazine (Curtin University), November 1999.

academic slams AFL finals format

Perth number-cruncher devises 'fairer' AFL finals system

Today Tonight, Seven network televisions, interview, August 2002

Punters beware: Flawed AFL finals system encourages teams to throw matches in round 22 Curtin University media release 30 September 1999