My "deja vu" and "jamais vu" theory

My own theory

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Here's a quick little youtube video that might help.

NEW!!  youtube video done by Rebecca Ronita HERE  Why do we dream?

The way the brain "knows" if something is known to it or not, is how quickly it converges to a stored memory state, where a collection of neurons reverberate or fire in stnchronicity. If it converges to an 'attactor' quickly, it says eureka, I know this, and if it converges slowly (or not at all), it says I do not know this.

The brain space is filled with stored memories and with spurious memories which are a natural consequence of storing memories in the same space sharing neurons.

What if the brain accidentally converges quickly to a spurious memory?
We will feel as if it is familiar to us whereas it is actually not.
This is precsiely what deja vu is. It is the feeling that something is familiar whereas it is actually not.

By the same token, the brain may converge slowly to a stored memory.
This will  give us the impression that this memory is not known to us, whereas it should be.
This is jamais vu; when something we actually should or do know appears to be unfamiliar to us.