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restoring and collecting Australian colonial antique furniture love them

my inlaid Australian red cedar miner's couch from the Lord McAlpine collection, c1850

I like collecting and restoring early Australian furniture, especially 19th century colonial furniture in Australian red cedar, huon pine, jarrah (Swan River mahogany) or old cypress pine. 

old buildings  love them

I live in an old federation house in Bassendean (I think it is 100 years old this year) which has verandahs on all sides, and seem to be forever restoring.  The verandahs were rebuilt and designed by me. 

my house/home, c1904.  Other pics  front#1     front#2

cycling, walking (bit of running) and hydrotherapy  just do it

 I like to look after my body and keep fit, and I love going to the beach to absorbing the sun's rays and the ocean's ions.

modelling...most desirable bachelor  just for fun

I was chosen as one of Perth's most desirable bachelors by 'Perth Woman' magazine, probably because I'm intelligent, have a good career, am good looking, funny, have a great body (and know how to use it)....I can't help if I am lucky!! Here are two of the pics from the summer 2003/2004 issue. I am wearing a Versace card-print shirt (over $500) and a pair of Versace jeans (same), but my own Florsheim shoes. I had to give the shirt and pants back. And girls, please note I am not looking for an Einstein(ess), but someone down to Earth, honest, interesting, and sexy. Oh, and you will need to like to clean fish and have a boat. If you do please send me a photo......of your boat.....lol.....actually I hate fishing (except in a fish shop).

my artwork  even more fun

Even though I am a scientist (not that scientists cannot be creative) I have always been very creative...more so more recently. My main artistic work is the restoration of my 100 year old house (which entailed the rebuilding of the entire verandah, enclosing the back section of the house, rebuilding the tiolet, building an iron (boat) shed, etc). I have also restored some one hundred pieces of Australian antique furniture. More recently (starting Dec 2003) I started painting (never tried it before).

My outdoor dunny

My house, my home, my castle

My first ever painting

my favourite poet/singer/songwriter...Bob Dylan

If you are interested in words of music you just have to liek Bob Dylan. I am an absolute mad crazy fanatical and wild Bob Dylan fan.  I have heaps of bootleg stuff and all of the commercial stuff too.  He has over 600 of his own songs, and most of them contain deep lyrics like in "Blowin' in the wind".  He is a true genius with words.  My favourite album is "Time Out of Mind", which was released in 1997 and won 3 Grammies in 1998, including ALBUM OF THE YEAR.  Dylan was also nominated for Album of the Year in 2002, and has been nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature for the last 3 or 4 years.   Here are two particularly good Dylan websites               

 Bobdylan.com - the official Bob Dylan site, sponsored by Columbia Records, contains RealAudio files of recent performances and unreleased material. 

 Expecting rain.com - full of information and other links

New Movie MASKED AND ANONYMOUS starring Bob Dylan, John Goodman, Jeff Bridges, Jessica Lange, Penelope Cruz, etc