"The Memetic World"
by Dr George Christos

Biological Evolution has been replace by Memetic Evolution (video link)

This book was largely written in 2002/2003.

Download a pdf version. Click Here
It is FREE.

NSW Press where going to offer me a contact to write this book in 2003 but I had a grievance complaint at Curtin University that held things up, never got investigated, and in the end just made me too ill to complete.
I do not want to go backwards so am releasing this in its incomplete form, whilst I move forwards now. I just needed to do a final edit, but never happened. 

It is FREE for everyone, so please read, and refer other people to it too. Below is a jpg of what is in each chapter, and quite interestingly a jpg of the title page where you can see all the different titles I had in mind and how it may relate to consciousness. I was also writing a book on consciousness at the time that I will put up on the web soon too. I do not want to edit what I had previously written in 2003 so there are bits that are incomplete, replicated, and some of the grammer and spelling has not been corrected. There are also ideas I wanted to work into the text at some stage which are highlighted, or maybe I was planning to remove them. In any case the draft copy of the book I have released will also give budding authors an insight in how I went about writing this book. I am not sure I agree with everything I wrote then, but it is what it is. I think it does explain why the world is like it is today, and I think I had some good insights into where it was all going back in 2003, to where things are at in 2018. Of course there are some things that even took me by surprise like smart mobile phones, etc. Please feel free to contact me for serious discussion, either my email, on my facebook page, on on my youtube post.

I added the blurb for the book (jpg below).